title animation Harps of the South by Keith Harrison

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"As each new harp leaves the workshop, Keith's instruments continue to improve in sound. Some of this latest instruments have astounded me with their tone and responsiveness.  I look forward to hearing how these instruments mature."
Robin Ward, Teacher, Wellington, 19/03/02

"About 18 months ago I asked Keith Harrison to make me a harp. He worked together with me, so delightfully that I felt that I had choice with the carvings on the harp and the wood it was made of, offering his help and understanding as to what the different woods would do for timber of the instrument.
     The harp he made was a Tara McFall harp. This harp has now mellowed into a delightful instrument, which is not only pleasing to the eye, weightless against the shoulder when poised in the playing position, but also has a rich, mellow sound with beautiful clarity and carrying power. She has settled down to staying in tune and gives me hours of pleasure.
     Keith Harrison has made himself very available for all my follow-up harp queries".
Gill Caradoc-Davies


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